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Okaeri, dear friend...

29 April 1988
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Bonjour Mesdames et Messieurs
I'm glad you came to visit my profile, journal or community :D Hy. My name's Haku, I'm a 21 Years old German and - yeah. That's pretty much it haha. I'm goin' to school again from August '09 onwards and so it's possible that there are times where I'm not commenting or taking my time to write back, so please be patient and don't scold me. And PLEASE! Before you add me, please write a comment. If you don't, I WON'T ADD YOU!

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I'm somehow obsessed with a few things (OMG! I'M POSSESSED!) - like Ice Tea, Food, Sweets, MUSIC, Art, and Photography..... ANYWAYS! I'm a music freak and love making and listening to music - so said, I can't live without it. But I also can't live without chocolate or ice tea. Bad, bad world D:

Fav Bands: Dead by April, Triplane, D'espairsRay, Faber Drive, Falling Up, Onkelz, Ärzte, Hosen, LP, The Bandgeek Mafia, Purblind, Sendai Kamotsu, Papa Roach, ROACH., lynch., Nickelback, Lostprophets, Yellocard, Rise Against, Bump of Chicken, GReeeeN, Back-On, Aqua Timez, Random Anime Music (such as Major, OP, Bleach, KHR, DGM, ES21...)

Fav Manga/Anime: Sprout, Senpai to Kanojo, Haruyuki Bus, Say I'm cute, Otokomae Beads Club, Taiyou wa Kimi ni Kagayaku, Koukou Debut, Imadoki, Akuma de Sourou, Otomen, Akuma no Lovesong, Katekyou Hitman Reborn, Bleach, One Piece, Prince of Tennis, Major, Rookies, Eyeshield 21, D.Gray-man, Rockin' Heaven, DNAngel, Dragonball, Domokun, Doraemon, Desire Max, Men's School, Koisuru Nidorei-chan, Wild Adapter, FLCL, Agharta, Crimson Hero, Crows, Takarajima, The Junglebook Anime,...

Fav Movies: The Boondock Saints, Crows Zero, Crows Zero II, The Gunman, Bystanders, Go, Hana yori Dango Movie, Shelter, Fast and the Furious I-IV, Big Mamas House, Dr. Dolittle, X-Men I, Bad Boys I, Bad Boys II,...
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