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New Header!

Tehe! A new one :D

What do you think of it? ^^

Should I change the font? I couldn't find any good font matching to the japanese one, so I used the japanese one all over. And I don't know if it really fits :/ hmmmm

I wanted Koki on a header again since I just heard his song "PIERROT" and hell, it's so awesome!
I'm so in love with the refrain and, whoa, seriously!!! This song is just awesome!
And his english gets better XD Slowly, but it does XD
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shinseina , may it be your fault or is it mine?!

omg, the One Piece "we are" version got me so badly!
And the other songs are great as well!

Two of them have voices to die for!
I don't know whom, but... *Q*

Gawd, brick me please!

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Long Long Ago

I did this :D
and now I'm doin' it again!

reply to this post and I will pick six of your icons. make a post (including this info) and talk about the icons I chose. other people can then comment to you and make their own posts. this will create a never ending cycle of icon glee.

comment comment commeeeeeennntttt!!!!!! :D

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Hey hey there :D

I think I've found something for a few of you who like to design :D
Yesterday I searched a few cool tee's and I found an awesome page!


This is the contest on the site for this month :D
They do shirt contests and you can make money with it :D
Try browsing through the site, maybe someone of you wants to take part? :D
Although it's just till 20th of August, maybe someone can do something great :D

I already think of taking part as well, but I think this theme is a bit complicated for me hahaha. Although I'll try x3~

Go there and take a look! :D

meiyuu , I think this site'd maybe something for Sammi and you? :D

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Well, I thought about making a tattoo, you all know I believe since I often mentioned it hahaha

Now, i don't have the money but I have 4 sentences and I have to pick one out.
As you may know me, I CANT DECIDE DDDD:
if there are some sentences I like, i can't pick out one of them >.<
So I'll post them here and will ask you which you think would fit 8DDD

so then here they are:


[Until that day when you can reach that dream ‘you’,
Until that day comes, believe in yourself.]

君の扉を開ける鍵は いつも君のポケットの中
[The key that opens your door has always been in your pocket]

[I embrace a glass dream to my breast, until it breaks]

[Clench your teeth and lift your chin up
“Screw this! I’m not losing!”]

This would be the ones I'd like.
Or do you maybe have some other suggestions?
It should be tattooed on my lower inner arm :D

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If you bought something from me long or not too long ago, I would like you to place a feedback for me here.
I want the others who will to buy to know with whom they do their business 8D

Thanks very much!

Positive - 11
Neutral - 0
Negative - 0
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Once again

A very new layout 8D

Thanks very very very much to Nona at this point for helping me out with the font design and such 8D
Thankies *cuddles*

So then, this time it shows the "Rookies" staff.
Rookies' a Baseball drama with Sato Ryuta, Sato Yuuichi, Shirotan, Hayato Ichihara and so on and so on 8D
It's a very great one, you should watch it if you haven't until now.

The theme this time is a happy theme, the first time since I got Livejournal, i think hahahaha ^-^
It's all thanks to GReeeeN. They released 2 new singles and a new album not too long ago and today I heard that band again and downloaded the new stuff. And when I heard their song "Setsuna" and "Haruka" I was so overjoyed that I thought "WANNA HAVE A NEW LAYOUT :DDDDD" so I did one 8D
I hope you like it? ^^
Well, it's a bit bright but hey, it will be summer soon and brightness = summer = YAYS! hahahaa

hakutenshi  hakutenshi  hakutenshi 

AAAALLLSOOO I decided to make sports again :D
In Oct. there's a Kendo beginner course here and hell, they are so so sooo cheap!! 15 Euro per month and once 20 Euro for an ID and such. But well, Kendo itself is expencive enough ahaahahahaha. 25 Euro for a Shinai, 15 for a wooden sword and 400+ for the armour :D
But I knew that before, so I don't worry hahaha.

Well well I think I'll start Kendo |D