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2009 Meme!

snatched from penombrelilas , thank you x33~

Where did 2009 begin for you?

In Munich. I spent it with blue_zenith  and another friend :D It was great!

Have you been dating on Valentine's day?
Nope. i don't like Valentine's day.

Have you been in hospital in 2009?

Uhh... No.

Had problems with the police?
Not that I remember.

Where were you on vacation?
Do friends' houses count?

Did you buy something that cost more than 500,00 €?
No, not in one piece. Altogether, surely, but not at once haha.

Did someone you know marry?
Yeah, my classmate did.

Did someone you know move housen?
What's housen? lol Normally move? Then yeah.

Did you work out?
Not really. Nii-chan did move but I literallly "wasn't allowed to help" >.>

What concerts did you go to this year?

Die Toten Hosen/ Silbermond here in BS. "Bs Rockt" was the title of this mini festival :D

Where do you live now?
Moved back home.

Describe your birthday!

Uh, well. I had been in Munich and was packing, I guess haha.

Was there something you did in 2009 you thought you would never do?
Yeah. When I started working as a trainee I'd never thought of coming back here to go to school again. But I'm super happy I did.

What were your most beautiful moments?
- New Years with Lynnie and Marie
- Watching CROWS ZERO with Steffi, Lynnie and Flo
- Coming back home
- Meeting my new best friends
- Christmas market this year. (I still have to go with Robert and Ella together!!)

Got an addition to the family?
Ummm. no.

What was your favorite month
Hmm... I think it was September since my friends grew dear to me there.

Who was your favorite drinking buddy?
I don't drink, but I think if, it would be Robert, Ella and Thomas. Well, I'll go drinking with Andrè on wednesday, so I'll count him to them as well. Being with him is always funny!

Did you find new friends?

yeeeeeeees ^-^and they're all so great!

Best party night?

first sect-meeting! (lol, don't panik, a friend of mine called our first meeting like that, but it was just a meet-up of classmates haha)

Do you regret something?
Although I'm happy being here in my hometown again, I pretty much miss the people in Munich. I'm busy with school so often and don't have time to communitcate with them, with Steffi or Lynnie and that males me sad and I'm really regretting it.

What do you wanna change in 2010?

I want to find the ideal balance between studying and chatting with friends. I promised my mother to save up money as well haha. (nearly impossible though)

How would you judge 2009 on average?
mhh, despite a few things, it was a good year. I mket old friends, new freinds, left friends and found friends. I see my brother often and also my father sometimes. I bought a lot of stuff and still have to finish christmas presents. I got aggrivated and I got calm. An unusual year, but a good one.

Did your life change in 2009?

Yeah, it did.

Did your hairstyle change?

Yeah, gladly haha, short hair ftw! I need to cut it again lol.

Did you take on a new?
Back to school, so to say. lol Back to the roots?

Be honest - did you watch DSDS (German casting show)
Oh god, no!! I HATE it. Popstars, okay, I can live with it. Super Talent, okay, I can bear with it from time to time. But DSDS is... ew.

Did you get a new hobby?
Yeah. Writing english ffs and it's better than writing german ones haha.

Did you go snowboarding?
No. I lost my interest in doing it myself lol.

Are you happy that 2009 is over?

Well, so-so I guess.

What are you hoping for in 2010?

Didn't that question already come? well, whatever. I'm hoping to get a good balance with studying and friends and saving up money aaaaand~~~ well, yeah, having more time in general. (Ohh, that's so not possible)

What kind of song do you associate with 2009?
hmmmm. GReeeeN's Ayumi, I guess.

Which days would you rather forget as fast as possible?
Meeting several persons I don't like, chatting with Robert about something that depressed him deeply and sometimes, I really regret leaving Munich. (A big city, I don't like big cities, but it was fun!)

Did you learn something new this year?
Yeah, pretty much.

Did your physical appearance change?

Not much, I think.

Which person turned your head this year?
Mhh, none so far, except the usual ones haha.

Did someone disappoint you this year?
More the other way around.

What did you do on January 1st this year?
I slept and then had breakfast with Lynnie, her parents and Marie.

Did you have a success this year?

Well, I got into that school!

Did you have an argument this year?

Many, but nothing serious.

Did you kiss someone this year?
Who does want to know this?

Have you been on TV?
Eh. No? I don't think so.

In the newspaper?
Maybe? We had an interview with some reporter, about the school, but I've never read the article.

Did you party a lot in 2009?
Not really.

Which persons did you grow fond of in 2009?
Robert, Ella, Nico, Atze, Rene x33~ ♥

Did you have a heartache in 2009?

Ohhh yeah, many many many hahahaha.

LJ's really fucking with me, my entries always turn into a bale of words, although I didn't write it like that D: stupid LJ wants to kid me DDDD:
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