January 1st, 2020

Random ♦ Hizumi Scream


Sorry, but this Journal is Friends Only.
If you want to be befriended with me, comment to this entry!
If you don't, I won't add you.

This Journal will be...

99% in english
but also in german

This is a Journal about my LIFE.
If you can't stand it, don't add me.
If you wanna bitch around, don't add me.
If you never comment, please stick your finger in your ass.
And If you're just here to grab up shit to spread, go to fucking hell!

And then... I'm not interested in people who just want to have a huge friendslist.
If you want to do that shit, go whereever you came from. Thank you.

You can add me if:

You're a jrock/pop/hiphop/triphop fan
You're addicted to crack
You're an anime fan
You're funny
You're hilarious
You're not a bitch
You're addicted to Inu/Kai, Platinum, 8059,...
and so on.