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Sorry, but this Journal is Friends Only.
If you want to be befriended with me, comment to this entry!
If you don't, I won't add you.

This Journal will be...

99% in english
but also in german

This is a Journal about my LIFE.
If you can't stand it, don't add me.
If you wanna bitch around, don't add me.
If you never comment, please stick your finger in your ass.
And If you're just here to grab up shit to spread, go to fucking hell!

And then... I'm not interested in people who just want to have a huge friendslist.
If you want to do that shit, go whereever you came from. Thank you.

You can add me if:

You're a jrock/pop/hiphop/triphop fan
You're addicted to crack
You're an anime fan
You're funny
You're hilarious
You're not a bitch
You're addicted to Inu/Kai, Platinum, 8059,...
and so on.
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Intro Post

Since I don't want to go to bed yet (I know that standing up tomorrow morning will be hard) and since I got a few newbies here and there who don't know me or at least not much about me, I'll write an inrto post here.

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Kinda back, yays?

Well, hello wide wide world and old old friends 8D
How is everyone doing? I hope you're fine ^^

Well, I've been busy the last weeks, school and things, you know.
However (I know, I've said it like 354651684 times) I will try to update more regualry.

To prove that I got a little meme for everyone :3
Try and guess x3

1. Write a list with up to 20 of your favourite books, animes, mangas, games or bands.

2. Other users should guess which your favourite characters are.

3. When a user guesses right strike out the series and write your fav character behind.

4. Make them post their favourites in their journal so you can guess.

01 - Final Fantasy VII -> Zack meiyuu 
02 - Katekyo Hitman Reborn
03 - Major
04 - Ookiku Furikabutte
05 - Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan
06 - D'espairsRay -> Hizumi  x_domini_x  , meiyuu , Tsukasa emichiee 
07 - Prince of Tennis -> Kaidou (2 are still missing :D) emichiee 
08 - One Piece -> Nami (one's still missing) emichiee 
09 - D.Gray-man
10 - Haru wo daite ita
11 - Saiyuki
12 - Kingdom Hearts -> Axel meiyuu 
13 - Crows Zero
14 - Dragonball
15 - Cowboy Bebop
16 - Togainu no chi
17 - Samurai Champloo
18 - Rainbow
19 - Rentrer en Soi -> Satsuki emichiee 
20 - Death Note -> L meiyuu 

Have fun guessing :3
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late late late

Well, here in Germany we already have the 25th but who cares :D


May your wishes come true, may you get wonderful food and may you be healthy :D

I wish everyone and their families a wondeful christmas and also a happy new year if we're not able to see each other anymore :D

Have wonderful days!!
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2009 Meme!

snatched from penombrelilas , thank you x33~

Where did 2009 begin for you?

In Munich. I spent it with blue_zenith  and another friend :D It was great!

Have you been dating on Valentine's day?
Nope. i don't like Valentine's day.

Have you been in hospital in 2009?

Uhh... No.

Had problems with the police?
Not that I remember.

Where were you on vacation?
Do friends' houses count?

Did you buy something that cost more than 500,00 €?
No, not in one piece. Altogether, surely, but not at once haha.

Did someone you know marry?
Yeah, my classmate did.

Did someone you know move housen?
What's housen? lol Normally move? Then yeah.

Did you work out?
Not really. Nii-chan did move but I literallly "wasn't allowed to help" >.>

What concerts did you go to this year?

Die Toten Hosen/ Silbermond here in BS. "Bs Rockt" was the title of this mini festival :D

Where do you live now?
Moved back home.

Describe your birthday!

Uh, well. I had been in Munich and was packing, I guess haha.

Was there something you did in 2009 you thought you would never do?
Yeah. When I started working as a trainee I'd never thought of coming back here to go to school again. But I'm super happy I did.

What were your most beautiful moments?
- New Years with Lynnie and Marie
- Watching CROWS ZERO with Steffi, Lynnie and Flo
- Coming back home
- Meeting my new best friends
- Christmas market this year. (I still have to go with Robert and Ella together!!)

Got an addition to the family?
Ummm. no.

What was your favorite month
Hmm... I think it was September since my friends grew dear to me there.

Who was your favorite drinking buddy?
I don't drink, but I think if, it would be Robert, Ella and Thomas. Well, I'll go drinking with Andrè on wednesday, so I'll count him to them as well. Being with him is always funny!

Did you find new friends?

yeeeeeeees ^-^and they're all so great!

Best party night?

first sect-meeting! (lol, don't panik, a friend of mine called our first meeting like that, but it was just a meet-up of classmates haha)

Do you regret something?
Although I'm happy being here in my hometown again, I pretty much miss the people in Munich. I'm busy with school so often and don't have time to communitcate with them, with Steffi or Lynnie and that males me sad and I'm really regretting it.

What do you wanna change in 2010?

I want to find the ideal balance between studying and chatting with friends. I promised my mother to save up money as well haha. (nearly impossible though)

How would you judge 2009 on average?
mhh, despite a few things, it was a good year. I mket old friends, new freinds, left friends and found friends. I see my brother often and also my father sometimes. I bought a lot of stuff and still have to finish christmas presents. I got aggrivated and I got calm. An unusual year, but a good one.

Did your life change in 2009?

Yeah, it did.

Did your hairstyle change?

Yeah, gladly haha, short hair ftw! I need to cut it again lol.

Did you take on a new?
Back to school, so to say. lol Back to the roots?

Be honest - did you watch DSDS (German casting show)
Oh god, no!! I HATE it. Popstars, okay, I can live with it. Super Talent, okay, I can bear with it from time to time. But DSDS is... ew.

Did you get a new hobby?
Yeah. Writing english ffs and it's better than writing german ones haha.

Did you go snowboarding?
No. I lost my interest in doing it myself lol.

Are you happy that 2009 is over?

Well, so-so I guess.

What are you hoping for in 2010?

Didn't that question already come? well, whatever. I'm hoping to get a good balance with studying and friends and saving up money aaaaand~~~ well, yeah, having more time in general. (Ohh, that's so not possible)

What kind of song do you associate with 2009?
hmmmm. GReeeeN's Ayumi, I guess.

Which days would you rather forget as fast as possible?
Meeting several persons I don't like, chatting with Robert about something that depressed him deeply and sometimes, I really regret leaving Munich. (A big city, I don't like big cities, but it was fun!)

Did you learn something new this year?
Yeah, pretty much.

Did your physical appearance change?

Not much, I think.

Which person turned your head this year?
Mhh, none so far, except the usual ones haha.

Did someone disappoint you this year?
More the other way around.

What did you do on January 1st this year?
I slept and then had breakfast with Lynnie, her parents and Marie.

Did you have a success this year?

Well, I got into that school!

Did you have an argument this year?

Many, but nothing serious.

Did you kiss someone this year?
Who does want to know this?

Have you been on TV?
Eh. No? I don't think so.

In the newspaper?
Maybe? We had an interview with some reporter, about the school, but I've never read the article.

Did you party a lot in 2009?
Not really.

Which persons did you grow fond of in 2009?
Robert, Ella, Nico, Atze, Rene x33~ ♥

Did you have a heartache in 2009?

Ohhh yeah, many many many hahahaha.

LJ's really fucking with me, my entries always turn into a bale of words, although I didn't write it like that D: stupid LJ wants to kid me DDDD:
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(no subject)

So so sooo long time no see guys!

How're you all doing?
Hope it's going all right over there!

Well then, let my ramble begin haha!

The weekend before the last I was in Munich, visiting Stephi and blue_zenith . I met vsan as well again :D
I love you guys, seriously ♥ You're the best ones!!
We went to watch GOEMON and CROWS ZERO II at the Asia Film Festival.
God, such awesome movies.

Therefore that GOEMON was kinda homemade with 40 pcs (the introducers told us) it was seriously awesome! Sato Takeru plays in it!! xD I first didn't recognize him,just thinking "God, you so know this guy, who the hell is it?!" because they only showed his profile but when I saw his full face I was like "AAAAAAAAHHHH! SATO TAKERU!!" awesome haha. And The one who plays Goemon is quite... sexy, somehow.
Although at some parts this movie was quite... unlogical, it was great. You should watch it, guys!

Next, to CROWS ZERO II! norowarete_iru you were so right! This movie is fucking awesome! It's great, I loved the head of housen xD He's cool haha. Fighting and pressing one against the wall saying "Read that announcement! What stands there?" "Just slippers allowed urgh!" "RIGHT! Bring them next time! *puuuunnnccccchhheeesss*" I laughed my ass off. I still love Takaoka Sousuke in his role as Izaki! He's so great and sexy and *Q* But Shun is, as well! Lynnie and I stalked Makki afterwards because we wanted to know how he looked with normal teeth and not his dental plate he had to use for themovie. DAMN, HE'S SO HAWT! I think I don't have to say anything after saying the name "Serizawa". Well,okay, I just HAVE TO! Serizawa *Q* Yamada Takayuki is the best for that role! He really suits. And Lynnie and I had to laugh so badly at the chest hair of that one guy who was released from prison since it seriously looked like it was combed!! It was so fun!

I took back the train after we watched themovie and didn't sleep all night. And went to school afterwards. I fell asleep in philosophy, but well, we just watched a movie anyway. When I got home I slept and actually wanted to go to my training in the evening but mom said I shouldn't. Since I had just slept about an hour, my stomach was like... urgh, and I had a slight fever due to it. Mom was probably right when she toldme that I would faint if I'd go, and to be honest, I'm happy I didn't.

Last weekend my school had its 60th anniversary. On friday night,Michel, who's in my year, played guitar and sang at the culture evening we had and it was awesome! His voice is great! Too bad his band already disbanded in 2006. They were pretty famous here in Germany and also in a few other countries.They were called Such a Surge. Does anyone of you know them? I like theirmusic, somehow, Not all songs, but they had potential to make a worldwhide breakthrough. Imade maany pics, nearly 300 of himwhile he sang, but unfortunately themost are blurry, Stupid cam D: He already asked for them and I'll give them to himtomorrow x3~

On saturday night, Robert and his friend Matthias showed upand we played Wii. They convinced me to help them keeping an eye on the lights at school we specially built up for the anniversary, so I came along and we had duty from 1am to 4am. We played cards the whole time with Tilman and it was great, although I lost themost of the time haha. But when rene (who lives on the campus) came along I was the second last only, YEAAAAAAHHH!! hahaha xD
Benni, Tina and Thilo (Benni and Thilo are in my class and Tina's Benni's girlfriend) relieved us and they actually had to stay from 4am to 7am. But since the next ones didn't show up, they stood till half past 8 in the morning!! And now the flu got Benni. And pretty bad as well D: That poor guy, really. I maybe will go visit him tomorrow to say hi and bring his homework along.

Tomorrow I have to go to the doc D: Dun wanna. But at least mom made an appointment while school time and so I can go earlier haha.

On friday we'll play mini golf!! yeaaaahhh and on saturday Meli throws a party for her new roomies. I'll go there, although I'll just stay a few hours. I don't really want but since I already agreed, there's nothing I can do,right? And also, who knows, maybe it'll be fun!

Please forgive my space key for not working right and you know, my f's missing, so please be patient with my keyboard xD

Have a nice evening, guys!!
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Two new lyrics!


I had to write new lyrics! ^^

What do you think of them?

"Forsaken one" is more... well, like, sad, hardcore and crazy, while "Winter Sleep" is more, like, a slimy love song XD

Enjoy them! And if you don't like them or do like them, please leave critique if you have some :D
I'd be happy about comments ^^

Here we go!

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